Web development


"Our company produces high quality web solutions using modern and creative methods of web development. We create the sites as a whole, including UX design, web design, implementation, e-marketing and SEO. The concept of having everything under one roof saves our clients‘ hmoney, time and energy. Our aim is to deliver top quality solutions which will fully meet your own goals.

We use the Kentico CMS & EMS platform which is extremely effective in web development or website maintenance regardless of the project size. PUXdesign employs a team of certified developers and designers being one of Kentico’s gold partners. We also specialize in maintenance and service works."

Tomáš Hložánek



Branding and marketing


Narroway is a company specialized in Brand and Sales driven Marketing strategies. Since 2004, their proprietary methodology - Biotic Brand Cultivation® - enables companies to grow and increase their market value and that of their brands. Their approach can be summarized as generating sustainable value by adopting biotic laws of growth.

We have created numerous modules and tools that allow people to gain insight into their marketing process to increase their marketing performance. 

Thanks to the StratoPlanner™ ( you can plan your marketing strategies and predict the impact of your choices on the sales process. This is not ‘Too Good To Be True‘ but a claim based on many years of field study on the correlation between Branding, Sales and Marketing. It is a comprehensive and efficient tool for whoever is involved in marketing - independent of their marketing knowledge and skills. 

The StratoPlanner™ is available online and thanks to our partnership with Toolary you can benefit from templates specifically developed for your IT business (low involvement and high involvement projects). The StratoPlanner™ offers steep quantity discounts. 

We are specialized in branding companies, products, services and projects. Our approach is known for its simplicity, accuracy and depth, all in a very short time frame. Toolary is one of the brand we have developed. 

If you want to benefit from a strong branding for your apps, then contact us for:

  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Growth Strategy
  • Brand and Sales Integrated Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Scan

Mattèo Piano

Narroway Ltd
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