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Berber Roodenburg

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Who is JEFF MEETINGS© for?

JEFF MEETINGS© is ideal for all those companies which meet on a regular basis. At this very moment JEFF MEETINGS© is being used for board meetings, management meetings, council meetings and daily operations meetings. You can use JEFF MEETINGS© for your whole organization.

How does JEFF MEETINGS© work?

By using JEFF MEETINGS © you or your assistant can plan a meeting very easily. This is done by your computer. Adding meeting points and documents is easy and efficient. After adding all the documents needed, your participants have access to their personal meeting agenda using your tablet or computer.

During the meeting all the participants get a very clear overview of all the meeting points and associated documents. Before, during or after the meeting you can easily make your own personal notes.


  • Easy to use
  • Secure environment
  • Unlimited use

Added value

  • Efficiency
  • Effectivity
  • The end of "Meetings" as we know it
  • Environmentally friendly