A game-changing partnership?

released: 10/15/2014

in our last blog we discussed the relationship between mobility and integration. Besides, we did highlighted a cause that might be responsible for the limited number of mobile BtB solutions in the ERP world. But at the end of the horizon a new road appeared: a partnership between SAP and Apigee. 
Apigee Edge enables businesses to quickly build end-to-end mobile and digital initiatives using the building blocks of the connected world: API's, apps and data. Enterprises using Apigee Edge can securely transform back-end services into easily consumable API's, drive developer success and use analytics to gain end-to-end visibility across the digital value chain. Built from the ground up for the requirements of modern digital business, Apigee Edge supports secure scaling of billions of API's.
API's bridge the chasm between IT requirements and those of the new digital economy. Edge is a purpose-built platform that provides everything you need to manage the digital value chain from API exposure to API consumption, and to measure the success of your API program with end-to-end analytics.
This step might be seen as a major breakthrough in the way the next generation of mobile BtB solutions will be developed.