A new era of software integration?

released: 9/23/2014

Software integration used to be the customer’s headache in the days of on-premise solutions. Nowadays new initiatives based upon cloud platforms are promising.
In the age of on-premise ERP platforms, the responsibility for integration typically fell to the customer. Again, not surprising, since these implementations were nearly always elaborately customized through months of soft-wired coding by making use of parameter settings. 

Unlike legacy platforms, cloud applications make it possible to unify rather than integrate different software solutions. Unification requires an entirely new approach, a complete rethinking of how data flows from one application to the next. And it requires hiding the details from customers, creating a unified user experience that conforms to the way people want to work, rather than imposing clumsy new processes, widgets or other extra steps that stand in the way of productive use.

One of the promising solutions is Podbox. Podbox is a cloud platform that enables you to sync data among different applications your business uses. Podbox helps your business save time and money by automating the tedious task of looking for data between different apps.
Every five minutes, Podbox does a two-way sync of data in more than 50 different applications including billing software, CRM, marketing tools, ecommerce solutions, email software and social media.

Will these kind of solutions become reality in this era of software integration?