Big Data mirages versus Business Management Solutions

released: 3/3/2015

Big Data is a word that has been used very often these days. It sounds almost intimidating and IT management seems to become nervous when they are not engaged in "Big Data" projects. Big Data, previously the exclusive domain of statisticians, large retail companies and information technology departments, will have a future. But what if your current business processes are not running smoothly due to wrong master data, poorly implement processes or a misunderstanding of everyday reality? Will a Big Data solution solve this problem?
A majority of companies are still struggling with their processes due to an unclear and opaque business process model and a poor quality of master data. And these companies are desperately searching for a solution to these problems. The first step they need to take is to solve the problem of the poor quality of master data. This can be done manually or with the help of software solutions like
The next step is to improve your business process. Everyone how is involved with the specific process needs to understand how it works, which business rules are applicable, etc. Various tools and / or solution can be used to clarify this.
Then one needs to create a closed loop system to implement improvements regarding this process. One of the best solutions I've seen to facilitate this is the solution Every Angle Angle provides a standard solution for operational business analytics that smoothly complements your existing SAP landscape by closing the loop from insight to action.
One may ask "what is the best solution?" Just ask a user for his ideas and thoughts and you will become aware.