Digital transformation in 2016: is your organization prepared?

released: 1/13/2016

Businesses are recognizing APIs as a key ingredient to participate in the digital economy. But the question is: is your organization ready for digital transformation? Are you looking for Platforms and solutions that can help you in this cruise?

In some countries, companies and government agencies have started publishing open data and open APIs. In this way anybody is able to consume and enrich the data and services and to build apps on it. A frequent repeated example is train information apps. It places the relevant information about actual train status, delays etc. in the hands of the traveller.

In Sweden, the most relevant and accurate source of this data is no longer the agency providing it, but an app provided by a one-person company. When traveling, this app is faster, more accurate and richer than the information you can get from the billboards on the train platform.

Another example of extensive API usage is Netflix, which today deploy new version of their services 100+ times per day. This certainly couldn’t happen if Netflix was one tightly coupled set of systems. But with the help of DevOps and using APIs to isolate the components from each other in most ways, every delivery team is free to adopt, improve and expand their service without having to interact with anybody outside of the delivery team.

According to McKinsey and Co., for example, generates nearly 50 percent of its annual $3 billion in revenue through APIs. The management consulting firm also notes that established tech companies like Microsoft and Intel are snapping up companies that manage APIs for clients.
IBM estimates the so-called API Economy will be a $2.2 trillion market by 2018. It also cites outside estimates that the number of enterprise API programs will soar 150 percent during the same period.

Businesses are recognizing APIs as a key ingredient to participate in the digital economy. The SAP S/4HANA platform and the ecosystem of partners can help provide a more powerful combination for customers preparing for the digital future by leveraging their digital assets and making them consumable by their customers and the larger ecosystem. SAP customers and their businesses can now tap into the value creation through SAP API management built on Apigee.

With the emergence of cloud, mobile, and social technologies, new applications have become a driving force in the way people consume content and access services. Through software interfaces called application programming interfaces (APIs), companies can provide business services and information from their systems to these new applications.