The best apps & add-ons, January 2016 part 2

released: 1/29/2016

We live in the time of big data. Yet this data, without context, means nothing. Information is not raw data, it is the answer to a question. Right now, people within your company are asking solid business questions, but how do they arrive at the answers? When workers spend their time diving into the complexity of raw data or chasing down lists in order to extract information, is it a value adding exercise - or a waste of time, money and precious brain power? 

If the latter, then what they need is smart data; data that is accurate, agile and actionable. In other words, data that they can rely on.  Data that delivers insights and empowers them to act.  We call this ‘actionable insight’.
Every Angle business analytics empowers companies using SAP to transform their data into actionable insight:
  • Insight that creates understanding of where issues are likely to arise and why, and the capability to act immediately
  • Understanding that allows for control of customer service, supply chain costs and performance, data integrity and risks
  • Control that releases cash in the form of improved and human capital