The best apps & add-ons, January 2016 part 3

released: 1/29/2016

You know the challenges as a project controller. How to keep track of your project cost control in order to, in time, anticipate and prevent disappointing project results. Finding the balance between doing enough to be able to keep track on results without stressing project execution and turn them in to project administrators. 

You use SAP to support your project centric businesses processes. This indicates your acknowledgment that integration of information is crucial to manage your business. The SAP system gives you a rich set of functions and empowers employees to manage business processes.

The SAP Project System offers functionality to keep track of cost and revenues besides budget, plan and forecast for each project section (WBS element).

Dimensys Project Management Workbench delivers an integrated overview of all your projects in which you are able to get insight in Estimate to Complete and Estimate at Complete costs beside the baseline budget and actuals.

It also support flexible internal and external Percentage of Completion maintenance including integration to Result Analysis methods.

Business Benefits using the Project Managers Workbench

Dimensys Prefab SAP Project Managers Workbench offers you the following business benefits:
  • Less time needed to report
  • More time to prevent unsuspected project results and be proactive
  • Adequate IFRS reporting through Central POC maintenance
  • Standard Software with adequate release management and support
  • Future integration with SAP Commercial Project Management (CPM)

Business Features Project Managers Workbench

Dimensys Prefab SAP Project Managers Workbench offers you the following features:
  • One source of truth for the project
  • Integrated overview with zoom in functions to details
  • Different budgets and revisions to the budget
  • Actuals on relevant project phases
  • Memo field on each cell
  • Data maintenance is auditable
  • Swap structures between more freely defined  dimensions 
  • Version management (including Period Freeze  options)
  • Analyses over Versions or Periods
  • Customizable overview screens
  • Traffic light thresholds (user defines formula’s)

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