Part 2: How will the Internet influence the ERP business and solutions?

released: 6/16/2014

In our last blog we were taking a close look at the impact of the Internet on some other industries namely retail and automotive. The questions remain: How will the Internet influence the ERP business and solutions in the next decade?!
First of all there is the problem of accurate and reliable data. A poorly implemented process will run if the data related to the process are accurate and reliable. However, thousands of people working in several companies which are acting in the same supply chain are struggling every day on  maintaining the same data from (semi-finished) products, organizations and people. And one thing is for sure: they will never reach the designated aim. The world is getting far too dynamic to control these information flows and associated data modifications. How can this issue be resolved? This issue can be solved by using data from their single source, the place where they did arise and creating a supply chain of data. These data needs to be pushed or pulled by current ERP systems that needs to be adjusted for this reason.

For some profound thoughts about this vision, see: