Part 3: How will the Internet influence the ERP business and solutions?

released: 7/1/2014

Last time we mentioned the Data Supply Chain as one of the phenomena, how the Internet will influence the ERP business and solutions. The Internet is probably most famous for the ability to spread information, fact or fiction, social or business related, etc. This spread of information was supported by the various possibilities to distribute and consume information. This by applications that are characterized by a great Usability.  The Usability is defined as the ability of a user to readily and successfully perform a task with a product without the need for an advanced explanation and/or the instruction manual.

The internet by itself was and still is, responsible for the massive growth of mobile apps. But there was another footing for the growth of these mobile apps: the Ease of Use of these apps. And now the Ease of Use of these apps will influence the ERP business and solutions. The experiences of the ERP users, managers and their staff, with these mobile apps will have a large impact on how the ERP systems will be used in the near future. A move from:
  • Workstation to mobile apps
  • Large complex applications to small intelligent apps
  • Implemention to integration
  • Intensive implementations to Install, Configure and Operate   
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