PART 4: How will the Internet influence the ERP business and solutions?

released: 8/26/2014

The time has come to make a summary.The following changes regarding the ERP business and solutions will occur in the coming years:
  • Consumerization of ERP systems
  • Mobile solutions will replace current ERP transactions
  • Increasing focus on data quality
Consumerization of ERP systems

The current generation of managers and employees will ask for new userinterfaces based upon their current experience in personal life with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify and a lot of other apps. We cannot assume that they are going to work with the classic green screens of today's ERP solutions. Companies that did not take this exit by shifting away from these types of systems will be under increased pressure to move to more intuitive ERP solutions (apps and add-ons).

Mobile solutions will replace current ERP transactions 

Mobility will become the primairy technological solutions. This is not only caused by the growing demand of management and employees but it will also be pushed by social (People will become more mobile), economical (These developments are accelerating) and technical aspects. Regarding this last topic: see Google's Top Five Futuristic Projects: all these projects are related to one goal:  a massive growth regarding the use of Google solutions.

Increasing focus on data quality

Regarding this topic the struggle remains. A bad implemented process with a good quality of data will work. This in contrast to a good implemented process with data with a lack of quality: this will never work. There is a great need to collect and distribute accurate data relating to business processes within the value chains. But how are we going to organize this? Will Google solve also this issue with Deepmind?