Retailers & the E-commerce wave: a fair game?

released: 11/26/2014

The world of retail is becoming increasingly digital. Now that online stores are an established part of the sector, the significance of mobile connectivity is growing. People are using smartphones in-store to research a product before they buy. And they are spending more and more time online. 
What’s more, consumers are demanding more opportunities to shop via smartphone or tablet. Having said this, over half of Internet stores have not yet optimized their interfaces for mobile use. Major players such as eBay, Amazon and Zalando are setting the pace in this space – and there is room for startups to move into this niche. Everything that makes life easier for modern shoppers promises success.
Many retailers still use radio jamming to block cell-phone signals. However, in the future digital offerings will have the potential to improve the shopping experience, for example by helping customers navigate through the store and delivering details on special offers. 

And this game is still going on: Just because no customer would like to be treated like this....