SAP: will they miss the boat while Google set sail?

released: 9/12/2016

Companies are increasingly offering their business data and functionalities to consumers and/or partners through applications. A driving force for this is the growing demand for access for mobile apps. Access to the digital business assets will be managed by Application Programming Interfaces.
These API’s are the digital glue and a key ingredient in the App Economy. As more API’s appear within the IT landscape of a company, the need to regulate and standardize the professional management and use of it arises. API Management software will do this.
Google boosted its role in this environment by announcing it is buying API management firm Apigee for roughly $625 million.
SAP did recognize the importance of API Management, which is why it started a partnership with Apigee. Apigee is the leader in the API management field and counts Shell, Telefonica and Vodafone among its clients. The result of this collaboration is SAP API Management.
In the past they mentioned it as one of the next big things. Is it going to harm their predictive strategy? We will update you about the next step on the API strategy of SAP.