The best apps & add-ons, January 2016 part 1

released: 1/29/2016

As big data wends its inextricable way into the enterprise, information technology (IT) practitioners and business sponsors alike will bump up against a number of challenges that must be addressed before any big data program can be successful.

Some of those challenges are:

1. Uncertainty of the Data Management Landscape – There are many competing technologies, and within each technical area there are numerous rivals. Our first challenge is making the best choices while not introducing additional unknowns and risk to big data adoption.

2. The Big Data Talent Gap – The excitement around big data applications seems to imply that there is a broad community of experts available to help in implementation. However, this is not yet the case, and the talent gap poses our second challenge.

3. Getting Data into the Big Data Platform – The scale and variety of data to be absorbed into a big data environment can overwhelm the unprepared data practitioner, making data accessibility and integration our third challenge.

4. Synchronization Across the Data Sources – As more data sets from diverse sources are incorporated into an analytical platform, the potential for time lags to impact data currency and consistency becomes our fourth challenge.

5. Getting Useful Information out of the Big Data Platform – Lastly, using big data for different purposes ranging from storage augmentation to enabling high-performance analytics is impeded if the information cannot be adequately provisioned back within the other components of the enterprise information architecture, making big data syndication our fifth challenge.

At the end it's all about running your business processes in an efficient and effective way.

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