The best SAP apps & add-ons of 2016: Analytics

released: 12/30/2016

Empowering self-service analytics that provide end-to-end insight, understanding and transparency across your SAP® Value Chain. Every Angle is an international software company with a unique self-service, cross-process analytics solution that provides SAP® enabled organizations with the capability to better understand, control and improve their operational performance.

Every Angle contains sophisticated, built-in intelligence and unique, cross-process ‘supply and demand matching’ capabilities that are not available in any other BI tool, including SAP® itself. It works on any SAP® system, regardless of the underlying database (including HANA), and it automatically understands and adapts to the organization’s specific SAP® configuration, allowing for a plug and-play implementation that requires little IT effort to install and maintain.
Every Angle hides the complexity of SAP®’s data structures, empowering business users with self-service ‘actionable insight’ analytical capability that allows them to identify and resolve key business issues before the customer even notices. We are trusted by customers worldwide such as Heineken, Tommy Hilfiger, Perfetti van Melle, Provimi and Bridgestone. Read here what our customers have to say about us!