The relationship between mobility and integration

released: 9/30/2014

Last time we spoke about the new era of integration. What about mobility and integration? Are these topics related to each other in the current technology shift?
In the blogs of the past period we have discussed the developments in the ERP market. Also, we have discussed the new era of integration.These topics are closely linked. Toolary can give you an idea of such "tightly connected" mobility solutions like:
But the number of game changing mobile solutions is still limited. Where is this delay in development caused by? This delay has not been caused by the lack of development capacity for apps. There are countless apps developed for the BtC market. This delay is caused by lack of good ideas and even more by the lack of vision and strategy in the field of integration solutions.  Solutions that are able to connect frontend solutions with backend systems in an innovative and sustainable way. Next time we will discuss solutions that might solve this issue.