2017: what the hack?!

released: 11/2/2017

It cannot be a surprise that new trends like the internet of things big data and cloud raise the awareness of cyber-attacks. This despite the current state of the art for the protection of software systems. When it comes to ERP systems, the backbone for every company of all their key business processes and data, there is limited awareness for this imminent subject.

In 2014 USIS, the largest commercial provider of background investigations to the U.S. government, reported on the discovery that it had been breached the year prior. In May 2015, an investigation unveiled that it was an ERP system from SAP that allowed alleged Chinese-sponsored hackers to break in and then pivot to the company’s network.  Because of the attack, hackers stole the personal data of at least 27,000 federal employees.
There needs to be a mind shift in the C-suite and boardrooms about this topic. Due to the impact of such an attack it is no longer the domain of IT people. CEOs and boards of directors needs to become aware and smart. This because technology without sponsorship of senior leadership is or will become worthless. Today, qualified solutions are available to support your security policy. 

Another challenge is to control your SAP system landscape. SAP Transport Management System is used to move, manage, control, copy development objects and customizing settings in an orderly fashion across SAP systems in a landscape through pre-defined transport routes (RFC Connections). But now nowadays, due to dynamic system environments, It's a provacation. But there are solutions to support you and these prevents you from making mistakes.