Your business relies on your SAP platform, secure it properly!

released: 10/20/2017

Proper SAP security mitigation is lacking Many organizations that rely on SAP software might recognize this; it is a tough job to keep your landscape in a secure shape. Especially without impacting your daily processes and while doing all kind of other maintenance and development activities. Often there is little time, resources, budget and knowledge to properly secure your business-critical SAP platform. This often results in a situation where your business is at risk of a breach.

Risk has increased

SAP has greatly improved security over the past years. However, many customers are still reluctant to follow up on SAP’s advice; applying patches and following for example the SAP Security baseline. Yet, a breach can have a big economical and legal impact and might even lead to serious business disruption. Especially nowadays where systems are more internet-connected than ever before and where exchanging data with 3rd parties is common. It is a no-brainer that risk has increased.

The risk is real

When doing SAP Security assessments in the past years we found that 100% percent of assessed companies had at least one critical vulnerability that could directly lead to a complete compromise of their SAP platform and all business data it contains.
Solutions to properly mitigate risk in SAP landscapes do not only involve technical aspects, but also require changes on the organizational level. For customers to address SAP Security they need at least:
  • To have a process and owner in place that addresses SAP Security
  • To have clear insights in where the actual risks are in the SAP landscape
  • To have a multidisciplinary team to improve security of the different SAP components
SAP Security needs to be an ongoing effort, it is important to not treat this as a onetime project. In order to keep SAP security at a wanted level you need to have a process in place that continuously improves the level of SAP Security. To support this process and for the purpose of gaining valuable insights in your risk and to help mitigate these, we have developed Protect4S. An SAP Solution Manager Add-on that supports all phases of the aforementioned process.

Business benefits of Protect4S are:

  • Reduced risk and reduced financial damage to your SAP deployment
  • Sail though SAP audits of your internal/external auditor more easy
  • Cost savings by turning expensive periodic security projects into a continuous process
  • Being in control of risks in your SAP infrastructure
  • Helps you in getting GDPR compliant