CRM for Outlook

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Certification:SAP certified
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Many self-employed people as well as managers of small and medium-sized companies manage their contacts and customer data as well as e-mail traffic with Outlook. There are some good reasons for this: Outlook is easy to use and widely available, which eliminates training time for new employees. In addition, it is already available in many companies as part of the Office 365 package. For this purpose, we offer the optional add-on CRM for Outlook, which supplements the basic functions such as mails from Outlook.

In addition, the add-on enables integration with the SAP Business One CRM module. A wealth of functions ensures a bidirectional exchange and tracking of master data, activities, tasks, orders and key figures between SAP Business One CRM and Microsoft Outlook. In addition, business partner data is automatically synchronized between SAP and Outlook on an ongoing basis. We would be happy to take care of the CRM Outlook integration and provide you with detailed information on the application.