xFlow Procurement for SAP

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xFlow Procurement for SAP is a tool for optimizing your internal procurement processes. Use it to create SAP purchase requisitions and SAP purchase orders and route them into a rule-based approval and release process. All important work steps can be performed in the SAP GUI, on xFlow Web, or with integration into the SAP portal.

This solution accommodates all requirements for purchasing processes at your company. You will optimize your internal sales order entry, grant it more structural transparency, and raise user acceptance at your company. xFlow Procurement allows you to create, check and release SAP purchase requisitions and SAP purchase orders. Non-SAP users can create their own xFlow purchase requests on the Web. All purchasing documents can be approved and released in SAP, on xFlow Web, or with integration into the SAP portal.

It is easy to connect your vendors’ online shop systems with xFlow Procurement and establish direct access to shopping systems. Once articles have been selected, the shopping cart is submitted to xFlow, which routes it into the release process. Vendor catalogs are linked to the xFlow procurement request, and material lists are available in SAP and on xFlow Web. All documents—price inquiries, offers, vendor correspondence—are stored via SAP ArchiveLink in the xFlow Content Server or another archive, secure and categorized by transaction.